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Kimchi Rojo

Kimchi Rojo

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Is it buried underground? No! Is it from 100 year old recipe? No! But, it is created by a real chef who perfected the recipe to bring you the most hipster, best tasting, probiotic packed jar of goodness you’ve ever seen!

Korean inspired kimchi with a local chefs twist! 100% locally sourced. Non GMO, No MSG. Made in San Diego.

Kimchi is traditionally a side dish eaten many times throughout the day. It has a plethora of benefits from the lacto fermentation process thats used to make itKimchi is a probiotic food that restores balance in your gut, aids in digestion and immune health. It is great on just about any savory food. Eggs, tacos, burritos, salads, grilled cheese, to name a few ideas!

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