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Do I need to refrigerate my kimchi?

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Yes. We do our best to get your kimchi to you cold. As soon as you receive it refrigerate it.

Is your kimchi vegan?

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While our signature, Kimchi Rojo, is not vegan (it contains fish sauce), our green tomato kimchi, Kimchi Verde is vegan, along with our Kraut Morado.

How long does kimchi last?

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Kimchi will keep fermenting even when refrigerated. For the best flavor eat within the first 3 months. However kimchi can last for years.

Fermentation Process

How long does your kimchi ferment?

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Our kimchi goes through a three day fermentation process. We've found after years of experimenting, this is the perfect amount of time for the finest flavor.

What are the benefits of fermented food?

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There are way to many benefits of fermeneted foods to list here. Head over to our benefits page to learn more.

Shipping and delivery

Where do you ship?

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We ship all over California. We will soon be shipping throughout the United States

Do you deliver?

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Yes! We deliver every Thursday to our customers in San Diego. When you place your order select delivery instead of shipping.

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