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Rocio Fleckenstein

Growing up in Southern California and in Spain led me to appreciate food and community. The Spanish or Mediterranean cuisine I was around had a lot of pickled and preserved foods. My grandmother would pickle fresh anchovies in vinegar and parsley, and I learned from my mom how to do it. That was a big influence in my connection with food long before I realized I wanted to be a chef.

I was introduced to fermentation when I was an Executive Chef in Ocean Beach. But it’s when I worked for Ballast Point in Little Italy as the Sous Chef when I really got into fermentation. We started making our own vinegars from wine and beer, fermenting vegetables, and pickling everything. I had climbed the culinary ladder and was ready for a new challenge, so I decided to do Lady Pirate full time. It brings me joy, helps people and it’s delicious.

The name Lady Pirate is a reference to breaking the mold, becoming an entrepreneur, and charting my own waters. Many pirates were women and LGBTQ+. They became pirates to feel accepted and live as normal and free as they could during those times. A good deal of pirates started off as buccaneers which is derived from the French word Boucan, “someone who smoked or preserved foods.” 

Our mission at Lady Pirate is to educate about the benefits of fermented foods and guarantee every single one of our products taste amazing. We want to show you how to eat them and incorporate them in your daily life to maintain overall health. We hope to be the treasure you come back for again and again.

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